Guest (A thought’s Visit)


You came in through my window –

A bird,

A boyish lover.

You swung your legs over the sill

And sat there, smiling at me.


You came to share my day.

I helped you inside.

We lost our footing

And lay there on the floor, laughing.

We drowned in each other’s hugs and kisses.


You took my hand and we snuck out

To wander through streets

And run through fields,

Breathlessly chasing the day

Until it pushed us back inside.


I held you close.

You watched me while I slept.

When time came for you to go,

Your whisper softly touched my ear,

Leaving love’s final caress.


I don’t know when you left,

Or where you went.

You just disappeared,

Dissolved with the night and the air

As dawn laid the table for the new day.


Will I see you again?

I do not know,

For you were only mine for a day,

And yet forever mine alone.


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