About this Blog

I am Vera Bezuidenhout (Buh-zay-din-hoe-t). Yeah.



It is often said that life happens while you’re busy making other plans. True. It’s also often said that every person has a story.

Since about the age of six, I’ve had the inexplicable urge to move to America (almost like a Salmon, that just has to swim upstream). I love to make music, write, and create art, and always had the idea in my head that I would somehow make a living doing any, or all of these things. I guess I got a little side-tracked.

Like any normal, modern person, I’ve had to do battle with depression, OCD/ADHD, fear and anxiety, being bullied, loss, rejection, grief, self-doubt (and possibly every insecurity you can think of), moving house, renovating…and now, apparently, also a slightly underactive Thyroid! You know, the “stuff” most of us deal with on a daily basis.

It’s so easy to begin to believe that you’re worthless, you’re stupid, you don’t matter, that your dreams were just dreams, and that you just imagined those talents and good qualities you once believed you had. That you’re not enough.

One day, I looked up and realised that there is only this one life, full of possibility and wonder. There’s a wonderful, beautiful, vibrant world out there to explore, and beautiful, amazing, inspiring people out there to meet. And I realised:

You can either sit by the side of the road and look at everybody else living life, and give in to fear and hopelessness… Or you can get up and start participating. Because it’s never too late.

I’m planning my Exodus to America (hopefully this year), and starting a music/art/writing career.

So I decided to start this blog – to share my journey as I pursue my dreams (whilst cooking, singing/song writing, art making, writing, baking, crafting and gardening along the way) and to hopefully inspire others to tell their stories and go live their dreams.

Time to step onto the road and see where it leads.