On the surface beyond which no one looks –

a calm ocean,

a mirrored plane,

life continual.


The surface of my skin

may crack under melancholy and strain,

but perhaps even that

passes unseen.


The surface of my heart

in darkness waits –

untouched, yet guarded,

for love’s tender touch.


For only your touch –

key turned in lock,

at destiny’s feet

will move the surface of my soul.







It ‘s the wind blowing through desert sands,

It’s the sound of a song,

The heartbeat of a dreamer.


The sun’s tender hand strokes my cheek,

Little dust children play around my feet

As I journey on paths unknown.


Small steps become many miles.

On wind’s song my heart travels to greet my future –

Un-thought, unspoken,

To wait for me at life’s final destination.


Or, perhaps not.

Perhaps, merely a port

Where I will rest my weary head for a moment’s respite,

Before the wind blows me away to foreign shores

Where dreams are yet unborn,

And stories are yet untold.


Still, I will journey.

I will walk on,

Never to stop.


As the ebb and flow of time moves us in this delicate dance,

All will dissolve into finality,

Only to endure into eternity.


And we will be here, you and I,

With our laughs and tears,

On our bench at journey’s end.


But for now I will say my goodbyes,

For my journey is not yours,

And yours is not mine.




Guest (A thought’s Visit)


You came in through my window –

A bird,

A boyish lover.

You swung your legs over the sill

And sat there, smiling at me.


You came to share my day.

I helped you inside.

We lost our footing

And lay there on the floor, laughing.

We drowned in each other’s hugs and kisses.


You took my hand and we snuck out

To wander through streets

And run through fields,

Breathlessly chasing the day

Until it pushed us back inside.


I held you close.

You watched me while I slept.

When time came for you to go,

Your whisper softly touched my ear,

Leaving love’s final caress.


I don’t know when you left,

Or where you went.

You just disappeared,

Dissolved with the night and the air

As dawn laid the table for the new day.


Will I see you again?

I do not know,

For you were only mine for a day,

And yet forever mine alone.

Mentaliteit van Water


(*I decided to rewrite this piece in my mother tongue, Afrikaans)

Ek wil hierdie liggaam afgooi,

Vel en molekule loslaat

Tot my wese vrygelaat word –

‘n Stygende wasem,

druppels wat saamsmelt:

Om te omsluit.

Om omsluit te word.

Om te deurdring

En deurdring te word.

Om oor hierdie bal te was –

Oor tyd en plek,

Land en volk.

Deur strate,

Deur valleie.

Oor berge en oseane

Tot ek dit in my arms vashou

Totdat dit my vashou.



Mentality of Water


I want to shed this body,

Release skin and molecule

Until my essence is released –

A rising vapour,

merging droplets:

To envelop.

To be enveloped.

To permeate

And be permeated.

To wash across this orb –

Across space and time,

Country and nation.

Through streets,

Through valleys,

Across mountains and oceans

Until I hold it in my arms.

Until it holds me.





My biggest regret

We all have regrets. I certainly do. I’ve been thinking a lot about my regrets since I started my journey.

I think my biggest regret is not living my life to the fullest: not digging into my full potential, letting fear take hold, not believing in myself.

So I ended up sitting on the fence for a while.

But this is not life. It’s a half-life at best. You merely exist. You go through the motions, breathing in, breathing out… You begin to doubt your own abilities and validity.

Whatever your regrets, it’s the worst place to be – living with them every day. They’re almost like granny’s little ornaments, stuck on a shelf. They are displayed for everyone to see (no matter how awful some of them are). Now and then, they are lovingly taken off the shelf and polished, caressed, and then carefully put back on that shelf. Each invokes a painful memory of failure, inadequacy, fear, embarrassment. All they end up doing, is cluttering up your life.

Lucky for us, it’s never too late to de-clutter. I know, it’s not that easy to do, but it’s do-able. Here am I, dusting off each and every dream I’ve ever had, and attempting to address each one as I go into the unknown. I don’t know if my music will be successful. I don’t know whether or not my art will sell. I don’t know whether or not my book will get published and read. On top of this I want to immigrate to America or Canada.

Yeah, I dream BIG baby!

When my life comes to an end one day, however, I want to be able to say that I’ve lived, that I’ve experienced life. So, no matter what your regrets are, you can get up and change some negatives into positives. The best gift you can give yourself, is to love YOU, and to believe in YOU.

You’re strong and valuable, and infinitely more powerful than you think!


Do you have any regrets? Please share